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Innovative Drilling Systems aim to support safe, efficient and cost-effective drilling practice.

INNOVATIVE DRILLING SYSTEMS Ltd. was established to develop a new, innovative range of drilling equipment. The team brings a breadth of experience in tool development and many years successful commercial design. A range of tools are being developed, each novel, innovative and with the protection of a design patent.

The first of a coming range of new tools will focus on hole cleaning, with unique features including complete cuttings removal. The team at Innovative Drilling Systems have been working on mechanical and hydrodynamic hole cleaning for over 20 years. These new tools will be available to support your drilling campaign wherever they are required.


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Hole cleaning is considered one of the key performance issues for drilling process. THE REMOVER® is a true axial pump for cuttings removal – charged and enhanced by hydrodynamics. Cuttings are picked up from the low side of the hole by direct scooping during rotation. Cuttings will also be continuously attracted to the low-pressure chamber. From this pump cavity, cuttings will be streamlined to the high flow zone by spiralled grooves emanating from the chamber. This gives the tool the ability to convey cuttings from low side to high side even at zero rotation due to the pressure gradient developed by the low-pressure chamber.

THE REMOVER® sub is a unique and innovative integral design, manufactured to exacting standards and engineered to be stronger than equivalent drill pipe. The tool joints have two smooth hard banded upsets which eliminate the risk of increased torque and drag by holding the action grooves off the bore wall. The risk of increased torque is further reduced by the marine, or fluid bearing effect, enhanced by overall hydrodynamic design of the tool. The two upsets also protect the adjacent tool joints from wear and ensure a unique lateral stability during drilling and back-reaming operations.

Cuttings Bed Remover
Cuttings Bed Remover


  • New sub for hole-cleaning featuring efficient dynamics and hydraulics.
  • Streamlined and balanced design for flow pattern and stability enhancement.
  • Design optimised for ECD reduction and complete cuttings bed removal.
  • Scooping grooves held off bore wall – eliminating risk of increased torque or backward whirl.
  • Unique combination of hydrodynamic and hydromechanical action for efficiency in cuttings removal.
  • Equivalent Turbopump effect, enhanced by continuous attraction into low pressure chamber, will lift and re-circulate cuttings at any RPM – including at zero rotation while sliding.
  • Maximum hole cleaning efficiency at well inclination angles of 30° to 90°.
  • Especially efficient in the critical cuttings avalanche zone from 45° to 60°.
  • Unique continuous cuttings attraction and cuttings bed removal established by low pressure chamber adjacent to the scooping grooves.
  • Upsets are dressed with appropriate hard banding which can be applied and re-applied by machine.
  • Material is 4330 steel engineered to be stronger than the equivalent drill pipe.


  • Reduced total circulating time with bottoms-up achieved closer to theoretical timing.
  • Reduced torque and drag, lower ECD and better average ROP.
  • Larger cuttings size at surface indicating less re-grinding while circulating.
  • Faster and safer tripping with fewer, if any wiper trips.
  • Casing installs smoother and faster in a clean hole.
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Cuttings Bed Remover



Hole-Cleaning is a well-known drilling process, completely necessary for the progress of well construction, however it remains a complex issue in terms of causal analysis and the strategies used to maximise efficiency.

Hole-cleaning complexities and variables include:

  • Determining actual ROP and the rate of cuttings produced.
  • Volume of extra cuttings from the dynamic behaviour of the bit.
  • Mechanical bore wall damage leading to increased volume of cuttings.
  • Hydraulic damage from unstable flow rates and pressure.
  • Risk of pack-off from improper hydraulics and back-reaming.

Hole cleaning is conventionally controlled by optimising mud rheology; viscosity, chemical make-up and mud weight and then managing flow rate volume and pressure to maximise cuttings lift. This however is constrained by the formation pressure gradient and the maximum available hydraulic power. The best hole cleaning hydraulics will still leave cuttings on the low side of the hole, due to gravity and the concept of cuttings bed equilibrium.

Hole cleaning can be further controlled by Mechanical Cleaning Devices (MCD) providing rotational mechanical agitation in the annular space between cuttings beds and the drill string.

THE REMOVER®, the new Innovative Drilling Systems hole cleaning tool, provides both hydromechanical and hydrodynamic cuttings cleaning for the first time in the industry. Cuttings are removed using a high energy-efficiency hydromechanical device, combining rotational and hydraulic energy for thorough cuttings bed decay. Complete hole-cleaning is achieved by recirculating cuttings to the high side of the hole where mud flow annular velocity is greatest. This combination of hydraulic and dynamic mechanical hole-cleaning will decay cuttings bed equilibrium and remove all cuttings beds, even the smallest or residual ones.

This hole cleaning action is not constrained by hydraulic power and can maximise hole-cleaning efficiency at lower flow rates.


THE REMOVER®, from Innovative Drilling System is a Hydromechanical and Hydrodynamic hole cleaning tool to aid with the removal of cuttings during well construction.

Typically, these tools are run where hole inclination is above 30 degrees.

First tool should be installed after the first joint of heavy-weight as the transition from drill collars to heavyweight is where there is a reduction in annular velocity and a fall out of cuttings. Thereafter tools should be run every two to three stands through the critical high angle section, anticipating the bit-run length.

The Remover works by lifting cuttings from the low side of the hole to the high side where flow is highest. In a high angle well, gravity will cause the cuttings to fall back to the low side over distance where, on a conveyor type system, there will be another Remover tool to lift the cuttings back up to the high side.

These tools will provide a wide range of benefits in addition to hole-cleaning:

  • ECD management.
  • Reduced torque and drag.
  • Smoother application of Weight On Bit.
  • Reduce the need for wiper trips and eliminate the risk of pack-off.
  • Easier installation of casing.

Evidence of the efficiency of “The Remover” hole-cleaning tool will include:

  • Cuttings at surface close to theoretical “bottoms-up”.
  • Increased cuttings size, indicating less re-grinding while flowing out the well.
  • Significant reduction in torque and drag.
  • WOB as expected and no overpull on pick-up weight.
  • Faster tripping with no fluid surge.

These are general operating procedures, we will be happy to discuss specific applications, including tool size and optimum placement for specific well conditions.



We will be pleased to discuss; hole cleaning in your well circumstances, recommend placing and running of THE REMOVER® and the sizes and thread configurations available.

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